When can I get a Swap account?

The card and the app will be ready approximately in Spring! We appreciate your patience while we continue building this amazing product. And while It's being developed, feel free to continue referring Swap to your friends and family for more cash reward and the exclusive Swap NFT!

How does referral work?

For each friend who signs up and orders their Swap Card using your referral link, you’ll earn HK$20. The more you play the more you win, it's easy and unlimited! It happens in 3 simple steps: 1. Get your referral link after your registration 2. Share it with your friends who have not yet registered 3. For each completed registration with your link, you earn HK$20 and so does your friend! Unlimited sharing!

How to find my referral link?

For now, you can find your referral link on our website after entering your login details. Information about your ranking in the waiting list and the number of referred friends will also be available. As soon as the Swap App is available, just click on the gift icon in the app to copy or share your link directly with your friends.

My referral link does not work, what can I do?

Normally this would not happen, but if it does: 1. Check that the person you are referring to does not already have a Swap account. You can only refer people who have not registered 2. If not, then check that your friend has validated his registration 3. If you really think there is a problem, don't hesitate to contact us by Email : help@getswap.app, we answer to everyone ❤️

When will I receive my referral money?

The money you earn will accumulate in Swap system, and will be available when the Swap App goes live 😎❤️

How do I open a Swap account?

1. Sign up with your email 2. Validate your activation link 3. Fill in your phone number so we can notify you when your Swap Card arrives 4. You are in! Get your referral link and start referring! * If you are under 18 years old, we will send a confirmation link to your parents or legal guardian for their approval.

I am under 18 years old. Can I register?

Of course, from the age of 13! Swap wants to provide the best payment experience for you. If you are under 18, we will simply need approval from your parents or legal guardian for your account registration.

How much does it cost?

Your Swap account and Swap Card are totally free!

Can we pay online and in stores?

Yes of course! You will be able to use your Swap Card anywhere you want, in store as well as online 🔥 You can even use it via the Swap App with Apple Pay and Google Pay ❤️

Can I withdraw money with Swap?

Yes, you can withdraw money from anywhere globally. Before you do so, you will need to verify your identity in your Swap App.

Once I sign up, when will I receive my Swap Card?

After ordering your Swap Card, you will receive it within 7-9 business days. If you do not receive your Swap Card after this time, please contact our customer service.

Is the money in my account safe and secure?

Your money is completely safe! The money you put in your account is completely separate from the Swap funds. They are carefully guarded by our partners and no one but you will have access to your money.

Am I allowed to overdraw my account?

No, you can only spend the money available on your Swap account. It is impossible to have a negative balance.

How do I put money into my account?

You will be able to transfer money into your account when the Swap App is released.

Is Swap secure?

Data security and protection is our top priority. Our technology infrastructure is compliant with the highest industry standards, ensuring the highest level of protection of your account, transactions and personal data. Our goal is that you will never be held responsible for a transaction that you did not authorize.

Where is Swap available?

Swap is in Hong Kong and will soon spread to other countries in Asia, we will notify you when we are ready in more countries. Expect us!

You do not have the same balance on the internet as on the app?

Just send us the email and phone number you registered with to: help@getswap.app❤️ We'll check it together 💪

Where does Swap’s income come from?

We get our income through working with our awesome brand partners that will give you exclusive offers and discounts. 💪

Are there other ways to earn money?

To earn money with Swap you just have to refer as many people as possible 🔥

I have not received my activation email, what should I do?

If you have not received your email, please make sure: 1. You have spelled your email correctly 2. Your have checked your spam folder If you do not receive your email after one hour and you have checked the above, contact us by Email: help@getswap.app, we will sort it out for you 😉

Are the benefits valid anywhere in the world?

For the moment the benefits are available in Hong Kong. The events are valid on their territory.

Does Swap work abroad?

Yes, Swap works abroad, transactions are always free of charge, whether it be online payments, in-store payments or withdrawals.

Can I have Swap and another bank on the side?

Yes you can! Swap is an alternative bank. You'll have a personalized Swap Card and an app to manage everything.

Any questions ?

We answer all your questions by email: help@getswap.app 💕